SaraBartko - Luxury Jewelry
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Luxury Jewelry

Small pieces of glass, etched by the sea, a collection
from the Atlantic Ocean.

Haute Couture Jewels

Sarabartko worked at the heart of Haute Couture (Christian Lacroix), she has Always toyed ith the rules of elegance, opening the doors to enchantment.

Precious Alchemy

SaraBartko is a seeker of light, half-oriental, half Slovak. This is why her jewels have a hint of the Byzantine, of the Arabian Nights. Her unique techniques perfectly translate her ideas, giving life to her tactile creations.

French Savoir Faire

SaraBartko illustrates fine and delicate craftsmanship. This is reflected in the beauty and quality of her creations which combine French savoir faire, sensitivity and sensual femininity.